I was born and grew up till the end of my 20-ties in Italy. Now, I am settled in Switzerland for over a decay.

​Among the topics I research on, there is also modern physics and cognitive science for their striking parallels with meditation teachings and realizations. Lately I’ve been often invited for giving lectures on the common grounds of western science and eastern meditation traditions in the Zuricher university environment.

​Studying is not all of my life; I have always been focused on physical activities. I’ve been a dedicated climber and a slackline extreme athlete. I practice Yoga asanas, AcroYoga, Contact Improvisation and movement in general. I’m also active at an organizing level, I (co)founded the Zürich’s slackline association, where I’ve been president from 2012 till 2018, and I also (co)founded the Swiss National Slackline Federation where I served as board member leading different divisions throughout the years. At the moment, I am appointed in the board of Move-Switzerland, a national federation that promotes movement and I have co-founded the Zurich Acro Association where I hold a position in the board as responsible for safety and ethics.

​I love to teach and practice all the above mentioned disciplines maintaining a balance between movement and stillness.
Trying to merge these two sides of life and let them become one! That’s one of the way I understand Yoga, as Union of stillness and motion. I used to say: Yoga is a big part of my life. I understood now that my life is actually a small part of Yoga.

​Moving in full awareness in any discipline combined with deep immersed meditation establishes the balance between playing and staying. In both activities my ultimate goal is to live here and now, to play here and now, to be here and now.